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Chen Xin



Chen Xin.

Illustrated Explanations of Chen Family Taijiquan

by Chen Xin - Ebook version

"Illustrated Explanations of Chen Family Taijiquan" or also translated as  "The Illustrated Canon of Chen Family Taijiquan" by Chen Xin is generally accepted as the first ever and most authoritative book of Chen family Taijiquan techniques and principles, which is to say the fundamental reference for most present styles of Taijiquan as they are mainly originated from Chen style.

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"Well done, I just noticed that they had made a translated copy of Chen Xin’s book. It is useful to people who want to reach a certain level of understanding. This surely will help to release out any internal alchemy embedded in each form…"           David J.Cn
"Hey – It is just the reference book of Chen that I was looking for, authentic, deep ...".      Edouard F.
“ ChenXin makes it so clear right from the beginning that internal alchemy is THE point of doing taiji. ”    Tom
“A real treasure of knowlege consigned in this book and very good idea to offer the Chansigong videos which help greatly to understand it."  Alfred F.

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- 3 Avi files. Changsigong. Silk Reeling exercices 180 mn. Chinese language with English subtitles. Plus 3 additional bonuses presented in the Bonus section  
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