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Chen Xin



Chen Xin.

About the author: Chen Xin 

Since Chen Wanting, many high level experts of Taijiquan has succeeded along the successive generations.The grandfather of Chen Xin, Chen Youheng and his granduncle, Chen Youben were already famous Taijiquan experts, especially Chen Youben who besides of his mastery in boxing, but also created a new form of Taijiquan known later as “Small Routine” based of former traditional routines..
The father of Chen Xin, Zhongshen and his uncle Jishen were twin brothers,  during their lives they continued to spread the reputation of their family in Taijiquan. Chen Zhongshen had an impressive stature and studied martial arts very early.

The two brothers Chen Xin and Chen Yao studied martial arts under their father Chen Zhongshen instruction, but later after the death of their father they continued to study with Chen Jishen their uncle.
Chen Xin started very young to learn principles and methods of martial arts, but his father imposed him to studied also literature so that he realized later that he could not achieved the same attainment in martial arts such as his brother. From this time he decided to write books and expose without any restriction principles and methods of the Chen Family Taijiquan.
Chen Xin wrote many books but most of them will not be published, in the exception of “Illustrated Explanations of Chen Family Taijiquan”, his most famous work.
"Illustrated Explanations of Chen Family Taijiquan" was the fruit of more than fourteen years of Chen’s personal research, it constitutes the most systematic and complete summary of Chen style Taijiquan among its contemporaries. Synthesizing the secret knowledge of generations of top martial artists belonging to the Chen Family and finally writing it down, Chen Xin can be considered to be among the most talented martial artists gifted also with an outstanding knowledge of Traditional Chinese Philosophy and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as we can understand through the reading of his book.
Reaching the end of his life, Chen Xin called his closest relative, Chen Chunyuan, his nephew and gave him "Illustrated Explanations of Chen Family Taijiquan". Among his last words Chen Xin said: “Here is the synthesis of my whole life research, publish it or get rid of it, but do not pass it to ignorant or presumptuous one.”
Immediately after his death, Chen Xin did have any funeral ceremony due to its poverty. His nephew Chen Chunyuan in order to organize his uncle funerals, called several friends and local personalities for help, finally they raised 800 yuans and in 1933 "Illustrated Explanations of Chen Family Taijiquan" was published in several thousand copies.