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Chen Xin




Free video bonus included with Chen Xin's ebook

Bonus 1: Chen Xiaowang Chansigong DVDs (I + II + III)

One the most outstanding masters of his generation, Chen Xiaowang presents Chansigong or "Silk coiling exercises" in three DVDs. As the central principle iin Chen style Taijquan, the Coiling Silk strength exercises are divided in two main sections developing each a specific aspect of Silk coiling skills.
Both sections include progressive exercises starting from fixed step and single hand training up to double hands and step silk coiling but also some invaluable coiling exercises such as small silk and leg coiling which take coiling strength to another level. Chinese and English subtitles.
Chen Xiaowang is performing and explaining each single exercise.

Bonus 2: Chen style Taijiquan Taolus by Chen Zhenlei

Chen Zhenlei performing Chen style Fist and Weapons, is in Mainland China, one of the most respected references.
This series has ten complete taolus including First and Second Form in Xinjia and Laojia as well as Double sword, Broadsword, Long Pole, Spear, Falchion... forms. No commenting voice added on form performances.

Bonus 3: Chen style practical tricks
 by Zhang Zhijun 

By Zhang Zhijun, disciple of Chen Zhaokui, the most fundamental tricks concerning Xinjia Yilu (First form): pushing hands and martial applications of silk reeling but also for main form such as Single Whip, Six Sealings Four closings... but also hidden stepping, dantian training.... English subtitles.

Bonus 4: The secret of Jin release
 by Ma Hong  (extracted from 8 DVDs)

Ma Hong was the inner door student of Chen Zhaokui, son of Chen Fa Ke. He started with Chen in 1972 after already having studied for ten years. He was soon delving deeper into the intricacies of Chen style.
Ma Hong exposes in this video the process of Fa Jin which is an important part of all Chinese martial arts; without being able to overcome the opponents' strength or to exert your explosive inner force effectively, all martial arts merely become an elaborate display of movements and are ineffective in any practical application. (Ma Hong speaks in Chinese - no English subtitles).