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Chen Xin



Chen Xin.


Chen Xin's "Illustrated Explanations of Chen Family Taijiquan" is also called "Chen Pinsan's Taijiquan Essentials" or more recently The Illustrated Canon of Chen Family Taijiquan.
This book is a classic for internal arts and an absolute reference/source book of Taijiquan philosophy and techniques.
Its contents goes beyond Taijiquan as it deals with the Taiji concept  itself thus can be regarded also as an authentic illustration of how Taoist principles can be applied into more practical ways such as martial arts.

About the author Chen Xin

Since Chen Wanting, many high level experts of Taijiquan has succeeded along the successive generations. The grandfather of Chen Xin, Chen Youheng and his granduncle, Chen Youben were already famous Taijiquan experts, especially Chen Youben who besides of his mastery in boxing, but also created a new form of Taijiquan known later as Small Routine based of former traditional routines..
The father of Chen Xin, Zhongshen and his uncle Jishen were twin brothers,  during their lives they continued to spread the reputation of their family in Taijiquan. Chen Zhongshen had an impressive stature and studied martial arts very early.
The two brothers Chen Xin and Chen Yao studied martial arts...

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